Tiven2240 is a dedicated advocate of the Open Movement, volunteering since 2016. They were drawn to the movement through Wikipedia, where they began their journey of contributing to freely accessible information. As the chief coordinator for Wiki Loves Folklore and Feminism and Folklore, they work internationally to document and preserve cultural heritage.

Through the Lens of Tradition: Capturing the Magic of Folklore in Wiki Loves Folklore 2024


Get your cameras and smartphones ready! Wiki Loves Folklore (WLF) is back with the bang with our sixth edition starting from 1 February to 31 March. This campaign allows people to share their local culture with the world and we are thrilled to invite you all to contribute to this annual media contest! 

Folklore, an ancient form of storytelling for different cultures, resonates in folk drumbeats and dances, rituals, cuisine, festivals and folk games, and traditions that we celebrate till today in the modern era.  

Embracing the beauty of tangible and intangible heritage sites, living and nonliving, celebrating folk culture,  Wiki Loves Folklore campaign extends beyond mere competition, evolving into a cultural treasure hunt—a quest to rediscover hidden traditions. WLF urges participants to transcend the ordinary, immersing themselves in the heart of festivals and quiet rituals that connect us to our ancestors.

As you raise your camera, let it be a conduit for sharing magic. Capture the mystical dance of dervishes, the intricate patterns on traditional garments, and hands molding clay into timeless figurines. Zoom in on laughter during folk games, wisdom etched on storytellers’ faces, and shared meals nourishing both body and soul. Folklore isn’t limited to grand spectacles; it whispers in lullabies, the aroma of passed-down spices, and intricate home designs. Seek stories etched in everyday life, silent expressions of faith, and quiet acts of kindness binding communities.

Wiki Loves Folklore transcends borders, a universal language celebrating the human spirit across cultures. Whether documenting Holi in India, Celtic bagpipe melodies, or indigenous storytelling traditions, each photo becomes a bridge connecting us to the diverse tapestry of human experience.

Participation isn’t just about accolades but contributing to a global cultural heritage archive. Ensure future generations experience the richness of fading traditions; your photos become part of Wikimedia Commons, accessible worldwide.

So what is waiting for? Dust off your camera, visit folk archives or simply navigate through the saved folders in your hard drives and share the world with the untold folk stories. Step into the vibrant world of folklore, capturing traditions through your lens. Your photos become cultural ambassadors, connecting hearts across continents.

Join the Wiki Loves Folklore Photo Contest, celebrating the enduring spirit of human culture! The contest runs from February 1st to March 31st, 2024. Submit photographs, videos, or audio recordings related to folk culture. Visit our project page or our website for further guidelines. Ignite passion, contribute to history, and win exciting prizes. Capture your country’s folk essence, uploading photos to Wikimedia Commons under a free license. Don’t wait; let your photos connect hearts and minds globally! Join the celebration of human culture with Wiki Loves Folklore! Contact Us for any questions!

• The contest runs from February 1st to March 31st, 2024.
• You can submit photographs, videos, and even audio recordings related to any aspect of folk culture.
• Visit the project page for detailed guidelines and submission instructions.
• Let your creativity flow, embrace the spirit of exploration, and most importantly, have fun!
• Share your passion: Ignite a spark in others! Your photos can become windows into diverse cultures, fostering understanding and appreciation for the richness of human traditions.
• Contribute to history: The winning entries join the vast collection of Wikimedia Commons, enriching Wikipedia and educational resources worldwide.
• Win exciting prizes: Recognition for your talent goes hand-in-hand with fantastic prizes, including international travel opportunities and photography gear.

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